Case study

ManualShare at Schools

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What you want
  • A way to provide my students with access to class materials and homework whenever they need it.
  • A system that helps my students collaborate on writing assignments and other projects, without additional software.
  • Something to help my students in clubs organize and share information with other students and staff.
  • The ability to monitor edits to my materials or students projects, and change back to previous versions as needed.

What we can do for you
  • Help you quickly create and provide up-to-date materials for your class that your students can access at anytime.
  • Help you share teaching materials to your students whether they are using smartphones, tablets, or desktops.
  • Provide you with a system that students can use to collaborate on projects with just their browser.
  • Help other school faculty create and share information regarding school operations and much more!
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ManualShare at your school

The bell has rung and students have taken their seats. You greet your students and ask them to get ready to take the quiz. A few students gasp and quickly try to hide their lack of preparation, but Daniel, a student you noticed was having some trouble with the current subject, has a look of confidence. It looks like he followed your advice and spent some time reviewing the materials you shared with the class via ManualShare. You give Daniel a nod, he smiles back, and you start handing out the quiz. It feels good to help your students succeed, and to have an easy-to-use system to manage and share information to make their learning experience even better.

To every person at your school

ManualShare isn't just for teachers, it can help school administrators, PTA organizers, coaches, students, parents, and even the school lunch room staff to create, manage, and share important information easily. It's free to sign up, and you can create and share as many manuals as you like. You can even invite others to collaborate with you on a project. That means if the lunch menu changes and Beth is off on vacation, which she deserves since she's been scooping mashed potatoes for over 10 years, then the new guy can update the menu with ease. Let's just hope for the kids' sake he doesn't change it to meat loaf.

Less Paper = More Green. ManualShare is paperless and environmentally friendly.
Why choose ManualShare?

Data based sharing.

We release you from files.

Access anytime, anywhere.

You can store your data on our cloud database center.

Use ManualShare for free.

It's easy to get started and easy to share.

Save budget.

Reduce printing costs by sharing your manuals digitally. Use the savings to improve other areas of your business.

Start in 5 min.

Getting started is easy and quick. Your organization can be set up and collaborating in just a few minutes.