Case study

ManualShare at Factories

Photo of factory workers in yellow hard hats.
What you want
  • To create, organize, and share training materials, equipment operation manuals, maintenance schedules and guides, and safety manuals with employees.
  • To provide employees information about how the company is doing, upcoming production milestones, company events, and more.
  • To provide a system, to team leads, that allows team members to track performance and provide feedback on roadblocks and areas of improvement.

What we can do for you
  • Help you quickly create and provide up-to-date materials for your factory that multiple employees can manage and edit.
  • Help you share important information with employees that they can access anytime and anywhere using a smartphone, tablet, or PC.
  • Provide you with a system that you and your employees can use for reporting, collaboration, and general discussions relating to the factory.
Photo of a large, well-lit factory at night.

ManualShare at your factory

Things have been running smoothly for weeks now. The assembly lines have not stopped during normal business hours and the teams are meeting and even exceeding production goals. It looks like it is going to be another great week. Suddenly, a warning light and alarm goes off on one of the assembly lines. It looks like assembly line 8 is having a problem, and you think you know why.

You have a new employee that might not have learned the ropes yet and made a mistake. You head over, but notice that the light and alarm have already turned off. You ask about the error and learn that the new employee caught someone else's mistake, and halted the line to fix it. Looks like they took your advice and reviewed the manuals you put on your team's ManualShare. It feels good to have spent all that time preparing them, especially in situations like this one.

To everyone at your factory

ManualShare isn't just for those supervising the assembly lines, it can help all employees create, manage, and share important information easily. It's free to sign up, and you can create and share as many manuals as you like. You can even invite others to collaborate in planning lunches for the factory employees, set maintenance schedules, organize team building exercises, or maybe just discuss a fun night out with your team. Help keep things efficient, safe, and running smoothly at your factory.

Less Paper = More Green. ManualShare is paperless and environmentally friendly.
Why choose ManualShare?

Data based sharing.

We release you from files.

Access anytime, anywhere.

You can store your data on our cloud database center.

Use ManualShare for free.

It's easy to get started and easy to share.

Save budget.

Reduce printing costs by sharing your manuals digitally. Use the savings to improve other areas of your business.

Start in 5 min.

Getting started is easy and quick. Your organization can be set up and collaborating in just a few minutes.