Case study

ManualShare for Eco-Activists and Paperless Practioners

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What you want
  • To convince my co-workers to adopt paperless workflows.
  • To reduce my company’s carbon footprint and overall printing costs.
  • To promote the benefits of a paperless system.

What we can do for you
  • Provide your co-workers with a document management system they can use, anytime and anywhere, on their phone, tablet, or desktop.
  • Help reduce the need for printing documents by making it easy to share and collaborate on documents.
  • Provide an easy-to-use editor that helps you quickly create documents that have a built-in table of contents, enabling quick jumps to different sections of the document while reading.
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ManualShare can help you go paperless

You used to be one of those who thought a desk of “organized chaos” helped you be more creative. Nowadays you know better, especially after the “Great Soda Spill of 2016.” You don’t tell a soul about it, because it caused you 20 hours of additional work. Now you know the benefits and freedom that a paperless system gives you. The reduced carbon footprint is a bonus and great for the planet, but when you need information, you no longer have to dig through piles of paper. You simply run a search on your phone, tablet, or laptop and find just the info you need.

To everyone on your team or colleagues

ManualShare can help anyone reduce their reliance on paper, reduce waste, and easily share and store important information. We provide you with an easy-to-use editor that allows you to create simple, well-designed documents with ease, from almost any device. You can then share those documents with anyone and invite others to edit documents with you. Give ManualShare a try today, it’s free and easy to get started.

Less Paper = More Green. ManualShare is paperless and environmentally friendly.
Why choose ManualShare?

Data based sharing.

We release you from files.

Access anytime, anywhere.

You can store your data on our cloud database center.

Use ManualShare for free.

It's easy to get started and easy to share.

Save budget.

Reduce printing costs by sharing your manuals digitally. Use the savings to improve other areas of your business.

Start in 5 min.

Getting started is easy and quick. Your organization can be set up and collaborating in just a few minutes.