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ManualShare for Bloggers

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What you want
  • An easy way to create How-To guides and other long-form content for my blog.
  • A collaboration system for my team of authors to use when brainstorming and writing content for the blog.
  • To create, manage, and share exclusive content for readers that become paying members.

What we can do for you
  • Help you quickly create and share up-to-date manuals that you and your team can edit.
  • Provide you with a system that automatically creates a table of contents for your How-To guides, or similar manuals, while you build them. Making it easier for you to point your readers to a specific area of the manual.
  • Help you manage public and private manuals that your readers and members can access anytime and anywhere using a smartphone, tablet, or PC.
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ManualShare for your blog

You’ve been stressing out about what new blog post you’ll work on next, when you suddenly remember that cake your Grandma always made when your family visited. You call your mom, get the recipe from her, and give it a try. After your first successful cake, you know your members will want to know about it. So you bake a second cake and throughly document the process, making sure you take plenty photos.

After the second cake is done, you pour yourself a glass of milk, cut a slice of cake, and then sit down at your computer. After about 20 minutes, and an extra piece of cake, you have the recipe up on ManualShare. It is fully baked and ready to share on your blog and social media. You post a teaser for the public and send out an email to your members list. After a few hours you notice a few new members have signed up. Today was a sweet success!

To every person working on your blog

After some time, your blog’s readership may grow and you’ll need to hire some people to help. ManualShare makes it easy to invite new people onto your team, and to get them started quickly. There’s no need to purchase additional software, and your team can make edits from their laptop, tablet, or smartphone at anytime. Simplify your workflows and collaboration so you can focus on writing great content and increasing your readership.

Less Paper = More Green. ManualShare is paperless and environmentally friendly.
Why choose ManualShare?

Data based sharing.

We release you from files.

Access anytime, anywhere.

You can store your data on our cloud database center.

Use ManualShare for free.

It's easy to get started and easy to share.

Save budget.

Reduce printing costs by sharing your manuals digitally. Use the savings to improve other areas of your business.

Start in 5 min.

Getting started is easy and quick. Your organization can be set up and collaborating in just a few minutes.